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GCR Systems

Global Chemical research

Automated chemical synthesis Made in Germany
"Easy as brewing coffee"

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I have read the cancellation policy in the Terms & Conditions.
I have noted and understand risks associated with the purchase of GCR Tokens as described in the Terms & Conditions.

• Please make sure your email address is valid as we will contact you on this email.

• This is the wallet we will send your GCR Tokens to. Please double check the accuracy of your entered wallet address. It is important that this wallet is ERC20 compatible. If you are not sure, please contact us at

• The minimum order quantity is 75 GCR.


• 0.01 ETH = 75 GCR + 20% bonus

• 0.10 ETH = 750 GCR + 20% bonus

• 1.00 ETH = 7500 GCR + 20% bonus


For contributions over 1.00 ETH participants will receive a 25% bonus in GCR Tokens. The price per GCR Token is ~ 0.000133 ETH.

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