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GCR Systems

Global Chemical research

Automated chemical synthesis Made in Germany
"Easy as brewing coffee"

• FAQs •

• We provide affordable powerful lab automation systems. Hardware that allows anyone the production of chemical compounds easy as brewing coffee

• automated synthesis apparatus starting at incredibly low prices

• Our systems are of modular design what makes it easy to customize all parts for your specific needs

• Creating a global network of researchers being able to exchange needs and knowledge powered by gcr token

• Run and monitor your experiments from any distance using your computer or smartphone

• Sensors with safety configuration options avoid overheating and uncontrolled reactions

• We provide affordable powerful lab automation systems

• A battery backup insures uninterrupted or mobile operation

• For more information read our whitepaper

The total supply of gcr tokens is 100 million. 80 million is allocated to the token sale.

The ICO starts on May 15, 2018 at 11:00 am GMT.

The ICO ends on December 31, 2018 at 11:00 am GMT.

Gcr token sale will be sold in 2 stages with bonuses as described in the gcr token section.


We negotiate bonuses for large contributors.

Feel free to get in touch.

We recommend using ERC20 compatible wallets as MyEtherWallet, Meta Mask, Parity, Mist or Ledger to avoid complications.

If you require clarification please consult us by using our  contact form.

Gcr tokens will be issued within 21 days at the latest after purchase.


You can store gcr tokens on your TREZOR, Ledger Nano S or Digital Bitbox hardware wallet.


Citizen of the Republic of China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria are not allowed to participate in the public token sale.

For more information please visit

• If you have any questions that are not answered directly by this list, you are always welcome to contact us at

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Phone: +49 (0)30 610900 41212